CPC Exam Prep Course

The increasing demand for qualified medical coders creates great opportunity for someone ready to enter the healthcare industry.  Medical Coders work with physicians and healthcare providers to accurately report and code services and diagnosis for billing purposes.  Coders are an integral part of any healthcare facility and can pursue careers within physician practices, hospitals, nursing care facilities, consulting firms, billing companies and even insurance companies. Becoming a Certified Professional Coder is the first step in many paths of career advancement.

Ready to learn more?

Jumpstart your career in Medical Coding with this 80 hour CPC Exam Prep Course where you’ll learn everything you need to know to take and pass your CPC Exam. Our Certified Professional Coding Instructor will guide you through compliant ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS coding.

The course
•    80 In-class Hours. 2 nights/week and 4 Saturdays for 12 weeks.
•    Exam Administration
•    Intro to Medical Terminology & Anatomy (Further study in these areas is not required, but is highly recommended).
•    In depth instruction on Coding Guidelines
•    Proper steps to Code Lookup
•    CCI- Correct Coding Initiative
•    Practice Questions
•    Real World Scenarios
•    Review

Requirements for this course
•    ICD-10 Coding Manual (Current Year)
•    CPT (Current Year)
•    HCPCS (Current Year)

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